Bosques de Lindora

With a sophisticated 24 hours’ security system, a beautiful club house with swimming pool, tennis courts and entertainment areas, manicured community gardens with mature trees and impeccable maintenance, this neighborhood has become one of the preferred gated communities in the Central Valley.  

Bosques de Lindora is an ultra-luxurious destination for those wanting to live in an exclusive address.  Security regulations are one of the main assets of Bosques de Lindora, and it is the main reason why many top-level executives and diplomats choose this neighborhood for their residence place.

Families from different parts of the world are satisfied and happy living there, and have made of Bosques de Lindora their permanent home.  Right across from the main road that goes in front of Bosques de Lindora, the neighbors enjoy the services of one of the best supermarkets in the country, Automercado, there are also fine stores and restaurants of all kinds, as well as banks, pharmacies, beauty shops, vet hospital and more along the Radial Lindora.  The Terrazas Mall is located next to Bosques de Lindora, giving the neighbors of Bosques de Lindora easy access to first class services right next door.  

Some of the best schools are within minutes’ distance, and the highway of Santa Ana that connects with the Pacific Coast is within 1 mile distance.  Access to the International Airport is at only 20 minutes distance, making it very easy for the frequent traveler to quickly get there.   And if you like to enjoy the beach and ocean over the weekends, the good news is that it takes only one hour to go from Bosques de Lindora, on Route 27, to the beautiful beaches and high end resorts of the Central Pacific Coast, by using the Costanera Highway.

Most importantly, children at Bosques de Lindora can still experience the incredible benefits of a neighborhood that is family oriented, where children can ride their bikes safely on the sidewalks and play with their friends and neighbors. Life at Bosques de Lindora goes at a different speed.  Living in Bosques de Lindora can bring peace of mind and security, to you and your family.

Exclusive gated community located in one of the most privileged sectors of Santa Ana


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